Palliative Care

An EU Framework 7 Programme


InSup-C is a research study that will be carried out in several European countries over the next four years.

The study aims to find out about the best way to deliver care to people who have advanced cancer, heart failure or lung disease as they come towards the end of their lives. This is called integrated palliative care. By 'integrated' we mean when several health care workers from different services work together to provide care in a seamless way tailored to individual patient need.

We will start by looking for information that already exists about how integrated palliative care is provided to these people. This will help us to make a list of the best examples of care services. Some examples from this list will be chosen for us to take a closer look at. To do this, researchers in each of the countries taking part will follow people as they go to their appointments and as they receive care and treatment at home, in hospital or in other places. We will talk to people about their thoughts and feelings about the care they receive. Before we do this, we will get permission from people who want to take part in the research.

The information we get from following people will help us to agree on the very best ways of providing integrated palliative care. We will put these examples on a website with a check list so that other services can see how they match up. We will also publish a book about the best examples of care and will write articles and give conference presentations about the study results. We will invite politicians and people who make health policy from across Europe to a conference at the end of the project to show them the results. This will help those who make decisions about health and social care to do what they can to improve integrated palliative care back in their home countries.


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InSup-C definition of Integrated Palliative Care
InSup-C definition of Integrated Palliative Care